Resident / Occupant

Our computerized database of residential addresses consists of more than 125,000,000 households including, every Post Office Box, every rural Route Address and every Star Route address.

An excellent choice for saturation mailings, the Resident Occupant Files allows you to select addresses in a zip code, addressed in specific mail delivery routes or address within a certain radius of your location. Mailpieces are addressed to “Resident” instead of the name of the individual at that address ensuring the highest deliverability. Every list is presorted in ”walk sequence” which is the exact way the carrier walks the route—this qualifies your mail piece for the best postage rates discounts.

Select post office boxes, multi-family or single-family homes with the resident/occupant file according to your marketing strategy. Remember however that eliminating single or multi family selections may affect the “walk sequence” postal discounts.

Popular Selects Include:

  • Map Work
  • Radius Select
  • Multi/Single Family S=Dwellers
  • Walk Sequence
  • Carrier Route Sort
  • County, State, Zip