Affluent Consumers, Millionaires & Responsive Investors

Upscale consumers purchase the best in life—private university educations, luxury apparel, frequent travel and more.  Use the Affluent Consumer and Millionaire files to target wealthy Americans with equity—households with significant liquid assets available for investment and leisure. The millionaires selection consist of the new “up and comers’ – families living in lavish neighborhoods.  The Multi-Millionaire select yields the “wealthiest of wealthy” including heirs to old money.

The Affluent Consumers and Multi Millionaires file is the ultimate resource for targeting potential clients with investment offers, home improvement offers, landscaping, security firms or any other business catering to the affluent

Responsive investors seek advice on their investments. Active buyers on financial information. Response investors make inquiries to various companies’ offerings information on increasing their yields.  Our exclusive Investors with Liquid Assets  selection supplies you with people who are ready willing and able to make additional investments. Select investors by “Investor Type” whether your offer includes speculative investments or conservative investments.

Popular Selects Include:

  • Age
  • Boat/Plane owners
  • Income
  • Dual Homeownership
  • Wealthy Americans
  • Geography
  • Millionaires
  • Gender
  • Multi-Millionaires
  • Contributor
  • Investor Type