Since 1998, List Marketing Group has assisted hundreds of clients through thousands of list options by targeting, developing and finding new customers. We help our clients chart their course, navigate their way and assist them to reach their ultimate destination.

The LMG staff all has an average of over 25 years of sales and marketing experience. Utilizing our diverse marketing resources the LMG team members are seasoned strategists who are all well versed in business–to-business, consumer, specialty, E-Mail marketing and social media.

LMG’s consultative approach establishes business objectives, benchmarks your current positions, and then creates and implements a measurable direct marketing program.

List Marketing Group can help you target your market and create innovative solutions to your marketing needs. Guidance, navigation, direction…that is what MPS© is all about, and how we’ll help you achieve your marketing goals.

“If there is one thing that is of vital importance in a plan of merchandising it is the quality of the list to be used….It is not a question of how many thousands of names are on the list but whether they are actual potential prospects!”

A quote from Homer Buckley
(President of the Direct Mail Advertising Association in 1923!)
still true 88 years later !