With List Marketing Group

You save money!

Purchasing a list from List Marketing Group costs you NO MORE than if you were to deal with a list manager, owner or compiler on your own! In fact our buying power of millions of names per year offers you substantial savings!

You save time!

Where to turn when sourcing lists can easily become a huge task.  As specialist in research we are in contact daily with the major compilers, manages and list owners.


Any research is only as good as its sources. List Marketing Group receives information daily on new lists available (including E-Mail). This type of information enables us to keep abreast of the latest products that may be appropriate for your needs.


List Marketing Group is an active member of the Direct Marketing Association, and the Direct Marketing Association-Cleveland.  Taking advantage of local and national conferences and seminars keeps us informed of the newest technologies available as well as success stories from various industry members. All staff members have at least 15 years of marketing experience.


The staff of List Marketing Group provides you with multi-industry experience and is able to assist you with all your direct marketing needs.

These can include:

Strategic Sales Data Mapping/Profiling: Find out just who your best clients are and how many just like them are in your target universe.

Printing/mailing/mail shop services: Depending on the size of your project and your needs we are able to assist in sourcing with numerous local and national vendors.

Telemarketing: from questionnaire design to interview set up to execution and final reporting.